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We need your help

The Glenwood Cubbies PTO is a volunteer organization that supports all students, families and staff at Glenwood Heights Primary in Vancouver, Washington.  We are dedicated to hosting fun events, building a strong community, and providing financial support for our school financially. Every parent is a PTO member. We would love to have you as a volunteer!

Have a Voice

When you attend our monthly PTO meetings, you get to have a voice in type of activities we do as well as how we can better support our kids at school. 


Make your child proud
Our kids love having us at school. They are so proud of the work we do. When they see their parents in the hallways or working events it gives them great joy and enriches their school experience. 


We have so many ideas and upcoming projects. Whether you have 20 minutes, a week or 5 hours to spare, we always need volunteers and we are so grateful for the support. In an overcrowded school where things can be a little hectic the work we do as PTO can really make a difference. Parents and teachers, WE NEED YOU! 

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